All Natural Odor Eraser Anti-bacterial Formula eliminates odor causing bacteria safely and without harsh chemicals. Xzuber is absorbed into the skin making a layer of protection which prevents regeneration of bacterial growth. Xzuber is different from other products because it does not mask the odor, Xzuber actually eliminates the odor-causing bacteria! Bacteria is the culprit – Get Rid of Bacteria and you will get rid of the Odor – It’s that simple! Xzuber eliminates the bacteria that causes foot odor(Stinky feet & smelly feet). One jar can last for years. Unlike other products, Xzuber does not mask the foot odor but controls the bacteria (safely, and without chemicals) that cause offensive foot odor. Xzuber remains on the skin for a period of time after application, allowing the antibacterial ingredients (Zinc Oxide, Calendula Oil, and Tea Tree Oil) to prevent odor and foot smell. The regeneration of bacteria can take weeks even months, which is why Xzuber lasts even after showering. Another great benefit Of Xzuber is that it helps soothe dry cracked skin. Xzuber is your foot smell solution and your foot smell remedy, buy Xzuber for your foot smell problem!! Our product works after the first application and continues to work for days regardless of physical activity. In fact, Xzuber works so well that after using Xzuber for just a couple of applications, you will find you need less-frequent applications. Some of our customers say they actually thought their foot odor was gone. Customers say it takes the odor away for two to six months between applications. Please check out our Testimonials !!

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