Not just for feet

…the all-natural Unique Formula- Zinc Oxide, Tea Tree and Calendula Oils in our product are extremely effective at eliminating foot and underarm (body) odors, and in removing odors from your prosthesis or shoes. It even eliminates athlete’s foot!


Foot Odor

Xzuber is a totally new and unique, all-natural product that eliminates the bacteria that causes foot odor (Stinky feet & smelly feet). One jar can last for years. Unlike other products, Xzuber does not mask the foot odor but controls the bacteria (safely, and without chemicals) that cause offensive foot odor. Xzuber remains on the skin for a period of time after application, allowing the antibacterial ingredients (Zinc Oxide, Calendula Oil, and Tea Tree Oil) to prevent odor and foot smell. The regeneration of bacteria can take weeks even months, which is why Xzuber lasts even after showering. Another great benefit Of Xzuber is that it helps soothe dry cracked skin. Xzuber is your foot odor treatment, stop foot odor and body odor, buy Xzuber for your foot smell problem!!

Our product works after the first application and continues to work for days regardless of physical activity. And, Xzuber works so well that after using Xzuber for just a couple of applications, you will find you need less-frequent applications. Therefore some of our customers say they actually thought their foot odor was gone. Customers say it takes the odor away for weeks, even months between applications. Please check out our Testimonials !!


Prosthesis Odor

Due to an accident, one of the owners of JMG Products is now an amputee. A month after having his prosthesis, he noticed a foul odor. It bothered him so much that he would set the prosthesis across the room when he wasn’t wearing it. Out of desperation, he decided to try Xzuber and to his delight, Xzuber completely eliminated the bothersome smell on his prosthesis. We are happy to have discovered this new useful, all-natural & safe solution for bothersome prosthetic odor!

Frequently asked questions

Q: "How quickly does it work?"
A: Please check out our testimonials from actual customers for valuable hands-on information. Our Product works after the first application. Xzuber works so well that after a couple of applications you will find you need to reapply the product less and less frequently.
Q: "How often should I use it?"
A: Frequency of applications varies depending on the body area where it is used and on each individual’s personal body chemistry. Keep in mind that Xzuber continues to work between applications.
Q: "How long does a jar last?"
A: Xzuber’s half-ounce jar lasts 6 months, a year, or even longer depending on the individual. Our product is very concentrated and takes only a small amount to work.
Q: "Does your product have a scent?"
A: Xzuber is virtually odorless. Also, Xzuber is applied at night, before bedtime, and any excess is washed off the next morning, so you will not have to worry about a conflict with perfumes, colognes, or your own natural body scent.
Q: "Does your product help stop sweating?"
A: Xzuber was not made for this purpose; however, some customers have reported that it reduced, or even stopped, perspiration.
Q: "Do I need to use my regular underarm deodorant?"
A: You do not need to use an underarm deodorant for odor. However, you may wish to use an antiperspirant.
Q: "Is it safe for children?"
A: Yes it is safe for children. Ingredients are All Natural and NON-TOXIC.
Q: "What do I do about my stinky shoes?"
A: Great question! Don’t waste money by throwing them away! Instead, use this great tip from an actual Xzuber customer: Wash any shoes you can. To eliminate odor in other shoes, rub a liberal amount of Xzuber on the shoe insoles and place in a pillowcase (Optional): Tip from a customer. For most shoes, the odor will be gone! If an odor remains, simply reapply. See additional comments on our testimonial page.

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Xzuber Makes A Great Gift

Who would really appreciate a Gift of Xzuber a multi-purpose “Odor Eraser”? Hmmm….let’s see… Everyone! Athletes (all sports), chronic “smelly feet” sufferers, kids, teenagers, adults and the elderly. Active prosthetic wearers and friends with really bad “B.O.”



Easy to use! Wash and dry odor-causing area before bedtime. Apply sparingly where odor-causing bacteria collects. Wash area next morning. Xzuber continues to work between applications – even after showering or extreme activity. Use again only after bacteria regenerates, which can take weeks even months.

Customer Reviews

* Disclaimer – Results may vary from person to person.

June 14, 2017

*Xzuber is a great all-natural foot odor remedy that is worth every penny. I keep Xzuber’s small jar in my gym bag, one at home, and even one in the car! This is particularly good when wearing sandals on a hot day. My feet sweat like crazy in the heat and when I use it with sandals, I don’t have to worry about my feet beginning to smell!

January 16, 2013

*Best product ever !!! I have suffered smelly underarms so long …I sweat a lot too….this product is amazing…now I’m odor free….

August 16, 2012

*I had problems with very severe foot odour and found XZUBER by chance on internet and my problems vanished immediately.

December 16, 2011

*Amazing! Mineral imbalance caused underarm odor that could not be controlled – I’ve tried everything. This worked the first day!!! I still put deodorant on over it because I’m stil paranoid about odor – cannot believe it! Thanks!!!!

November 16, 2011

*I had foot odor for so long and I use everything and nothing helped so I saw xzuber on the internet and I thought I should try it and I trust me it really worked and a little goes a long way……..

January 10, 2011

*I’m not sure how I came to find out about this product, but I can tell you that it works. I have tried every product on the market, tried most home remedies, and until this product nothing worked for any long period of time. I will never use any other product again. this works and it works very quickly, I am forever grateful for Xzuber.

May 10, 2009

*I am on a new medication that was causing be to have major body odor. After trying your product the first time I saw no change. But then, I didn’t give up and used it again after bathing. WOW! No more being embarassed about any odor. No more worrying about that “personal problem”. I would endorse this product to any of your customers. Xzuber is a life saver!

March 10, 2007

*This product has changed my life. In the past year, my body chemistry has changed and I had body odor. Nothing I tried worked. I found your product online and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. As a school librarian, I work in close contact and I no longer have to worry that I will offend anyone.

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