How It Works

How It Works

Xzuber unique All-Natural Odor Eraser Anti-bacterial Formula eliminates odor-causing bacteria Foot Odor-Body Odor safely and without harsh chemicals. Xzuber is absorbed into the skin making a layer of protection that prevents regeneration of bacterial growth. Xzuber is different from other products because it does not mask the odor, Xzuber actually eliminates the odor-causing bacteria! Bacteria is the culprit – Get Rid of Bacteria and you will get rid of the Odor – It’s that simple!

Results may vary from person to person!


Easy to use! Wash and dry odor-causing area before bedtime. Apply sparingly where odor-causing bacteria collects. Wash area next morning. Xzuber continues to work between applications – even after showering or extreme activity. Use again only after bacteria regenerates, which can take weeks even months.

Frequently asked questions

Q: "How quickly does it work?"

A: Please check out our testimonials from actual customers for valuable hands-on information. Our Product works after the first application. Xzuber works so well that after a couple of applications you will find you need to reapply the product less and less frequently.

Q: "How often should I use it?"

A: Frequency of applications varies depending on the body area where it is used and on each individual's personal body chemistry. Keep in mind that Xzuber continues to work between applications.

Q: "How long does a jar last?"

A: Xzuber's half-ounce jar lasts 6 months, a year, or even longer depending on the individual. Our product is very concentrated and takes only a small amount to work.

Q: "Does your product have a scent?"

A: Xzuber is virtually odorless. Also, Xzuber is applied at night, before bedtime, and any excess is washed off the next morning, so you will not have to worry about a conflict with perfumes, colognes, or your own natural body scent.

Q: "Does your product help stop sweating?"

A: Xzuber was not made for this purpose; however, some customers have reported that it reduced, or even stopped, perspiration.

Q: "Do I need to use my regular underarm deodorant?"

A: You do not need to use an underarm deodorant for odor. However, you may wish to use an antiperspirant.

Q: "Is it safe for children?"

A: Yes it is safe for children. Ingredients are All Natural and NON-TOXIC.

Q: "What do I do about my stinky shoes?"

A: Great question! Don't waste money by throwing them away! Instead, use this great tip from an actual Xzuber customer: Wash any shoes you can. To eliminate odor in other shoes, rub a liberal amount of Xzuber on the shoe insoles and place in a pillowcase (Optional): Tip from a customer. For most shoes, the odor will be gone! If an odor remains, simply reapply. See additional comments on our testimonial page.

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* Disclaimer – Results may vary from person to person.

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