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Only $17.95 USD each (normally $21.95) with free shipping USA only, minimal shipping outside the US …
and never have Stinky Feet, Body Odor, Shoes, or Prosthesis Odor again – Guaranteed!

Each jar of multi-purpose Xzuber is 1/2 ounces. Please keep in mind – a little goes a LONG way! Some of our customers only need to re-apply a few times a year (foot or prosthetic users), once the product has been applied a couple of times, or so.

Results may vary from person to person!

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$17.95 each (normally $21.95)

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Xzuber Makes A Great Gift!

Who would really appreciate a Gift of Xzuber a multi-purpose “Odor Eraser”? Hmmm….let’s see… Everyone! Athletes (all sports), chronic “smelly feet” sufferers, kids, teenagers, adults and the elderly. Active prosthetic wearers and friends with really bad “B.O.”


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“The Best All-Natural Solution for Bothersome and Persistent FOOT, UNDERARM, & PROSTHESIS ODOR!”

No Risk Offer! It’s Guaranteed to Work!
Or Your Money Will Be Refunded!

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$17.95 each (normally $21.95)



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No Risk Offer! It’s Guaranteed to Work! Or Your Money Will Be Refunded!

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* Disclaimer – Results may vary from person to person.

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