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* Disclaimer-Results may vary from person to person.

“*Xzuber is a great all-natural foot odor remedy that is worth every penny. I keep Xzuber’s small jar in my gym bag, one at home, and even one in the car! This is particularly good when wearing sandals on a hot day. My feet sweat like crazy in the heat and when I use it with sandals, I don’t have to worry about my feet beginning to smell.”

EDP 6/2017

“*I had extreme foot odor since I was a teenager and after trying everything on the market, I actually resorted to pouring gasoline on my feet and scrubbing them to get rid of the awful stench! After using a few applications of Odor Eraser the odor disappeared! Now I maintain odor free feet with only a few applications a year!”

Stanley, age 60 years 05/2016

“*I have suffered smelly underarms so long …I sweat a lot too….this product is amazing…now I’m odor free….”

Diyan 01/2013

“*I had problems with very severe foot odour and found XZUBER by chance on internet and my problems vanished immediately.”

S Cook 08/2012

“*Amazing! Mineral imbalance caused underarm odor that could not be controlled – I\’ve tried everything. This worked the first day!!! I still put deodorant on over it because I\’m stil paranoid about odor – cannot believe it! Thanks!!!!”

PT 12/2011

“*I had foot odor for so long and I use everything and nothing helped so I saw Xzuber on the internet and I thought I should try it and I trust me it really worked and a little goes a long way……..”

Amna 11/2011

“*I’m not sure how I came to find out about this product, but I can tell you that it works. I have tried every product on the market, tried most home remedeys, and until this product nothing worked for any long period of time. I will never use any other product again. this works and it works very quickly, I am forever grateful for xzuber.”

L Ferrell 01/2011

“*Thank you, thank you, thank you… the medication I was taking caused an uncontrolable underarm odor. I tried so many remedies, all the \”Clinical Strength\” deodorants, nothing helped. Xzuber has cleared up the problem in one application. I will be using it even after I finish this medication, forever.”

D Wiles 10/2010

“*Hi I just wanted to say this is the best thing I have ever tried- I underwent gastric bypass and the weight loss left my body chemistry out of wack – to say the least- I had the worst underarm smell nothing got rid of it I even went to the doctor and nothing they gave me helped. I felt so bad because I had lost so much weight and looked better but didn’t feel good about myself and one day I found your product and tried it literally after the first treatment all small was gone! I am so happy with this product I now use it on my son’s feet — thanks for such a wonderful product every person I talk to I will tell them about your product -you gave me life again.”

Katia 08/2010

“*This is the 3rd time I’ve purchased this product in the past 6-7 years. It\’s also the first time I’ve felt compelled to give a testimonial- I want to make sure that everyone who has this problem to understand that this product really does work, and is worth every penny. If I was to rate the severity of my foot odor, I\’d give it an 8 out of 10 on the nasty scale.I generally need to apply it every 3-4 days, and it completely eliminates odor. I’ve discovered through the years that if I discontinue use, the problem returns within about two weeks, but upon a new application- it goes away again overnight. This is one of the best inventions of man!”

S W 03/2010

“*I have spent 20+ embarrassing years trying to control my underarm odor. I’ve tried everything from crystals, baking soda, tea bags. I avoided wearing sleeveless shirts and tank tops and would even use men’s deodorant. I changed deodorants every couple of months. I just received your product a few days ago and haven’t had to use deodorant since! I’m amazed. I never thought I would find something to help and now I’m so glad I bought 4 jars! I just hope my body doesn’t become immune to the product and the problem returns.”

M. Quinones 2/2010

“*Your product is great! My feet don’t smell from sweaty, hot summer sandals. Only one application was needed. I highly recommend Xzuber to anyone. We all should keep some in our medicine cabinet!”

T C 08/2009

“*My son’s feet were driving us out of the house!! Finally got sick of situation and got on the internet and there you were. My son was skeptical but we followed directions – its been a miracle. We are not selling the house!”

I. O'BRIEN 06/2009

“*I just wanted to tell you that your product is AMAZING!!!!!. I have had a problem with body odor (underarms) for years. I tried every deodorant (mens & womens) out there, nothing worked. It was embarrassing. I found your product online and thought I’d give it a shot. What did I have to lose? Its been over a month and I love it! I apply it about 2 times a week before I go to bed. I still use a deodorant during the day….but your product was my MIRACLE!!! thank you so much!”

S 02/2009

“*I had green stuff and bad odor, but smelling sweet now.”

Selman 01/2009

“*This product has changed my life. In the past year, my body chemistry has changed and I had body odor. Nothing I tried worked. I found your product online and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. As a school librarian, I work in close contact and I no longer have to worry that I will offend anyone.”

S. P 03/2007

“*I am on a new medication that was causing be to have major body odor. After trying your product the first time I saw no change. But then, I didn’t give up and used it again after bathing. WOW! No more being embarassed about any odor. No more worrying about that “personal problem”. I would endorse this product to any of your customers. Xzuber is a life saver!”

C Rautenberg 05/2009

“*Hi! I recently bought your product for my problematic body odor. I used it two nights in a row and noticed a HUGE difference!! it’s amazing.”

Shona 02/2009

“*I am so happy that I found your product, Xzuber does not mask the odor like other products. I’m finally free of embarrassing underarm odor! Thank you so much!”

MBR 01/2009

“*Your product is amazing! After years of foot sprays & powders failing to get rid of my foot odor, I was shocked that after one application of your product, my foot odor disappeared! This stuff really works!!”

Angie 08/2007

“*I tried everything for the last three or four years. I have more products under my bathroom sink than Wal Mart. Finally one day I decided to sit down at my computer and type in the words ‘bad feet’ and I found you guys. I saw the word ‘natural’ and ordered it. I am very, very happy to say my bad feet problems are gone. I already have four friends who can’t wait to order Odor Eraser. Thank you very much for your help!”

D V 01/02/2008

“*I had a horrible foot odor and fungus. The heal of my feet where cracking and the skin was coming off in chunks. A friend of mine gave me your product to try. In less then a week the fungus and odor was gone. Thank you so much!”

G F 02/2008

“*A Little Dot Does A Lot!” -” With the small amount that I am using (I dab my forefinger with a small “dot” of Odor Eraser and then apply) – I expect that the tiny jar will last me years (I am not kidding!) Just like your ad suggests, you don’t need very much to do the job.”

C. Sanders 02/2001

“*Hello, I would like to take advantage of your web special of buy three get one free. Your product is great!”

M. P. 06/2006

“*Please rush – testimonial… Rub on shoe insoles liberally and place in pillow case for three days. The smell is now removed from the shoes, and there is no need to throw away!!!!! Sometimes it takes two applications, but it saved a pair of $300.00 shoes! Thank you”

07-2003 poi

“*I just received this product a few days ago, and tried it out on my sons feet. We have been dealing with the problem of his feet smelling badly for over a year, in one night it was all over. He can wear his shoes all day, and take his shoes off at night, and run around in his socks with out running us all out of the house. It is a blessing to have found this product, and we will be spreading the word to all our friends and family.”


“*I am so relieved to discover Odor Eraser I have suffered from underarm odor for several years. After trying everything from rubbing alcohol to baking soda to several layers of deodorant there is hope. This is a miracle ointment as far as I am concerned. Thank you JMG”

Jan 02/10/2004

“*For years I had a fear of intimacy and athletics. After using odor eraser for only one week, I noticed significant improvements in overall smell and perspiration color. I would recommend this product to anyone who has lived with their odor for too long.”

Nick T. , 12/03/02

“*After frequent washings and using commercial products, and still having embarrassing underarm odor, I thought I would just have to live with it. Then after getting and using Odor Eraser for two days, my problem was under control. I am so relieved and thrilled to be me again. I strongly recommend using it. You have nothing to lose but worry about offending. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

H H, Phila 02/13/02

“*I just wanted to thank you for having such a great product. I have had horrible foot odor all my life and of course I’ve tried all most every thing possible to stop the odor. Your product definitly stops the odor, I have actually gone for up to 2 months before having to reapply Odor Eraser. Also I noticed it keeps my feet allot drier. I just wanted you to know and others what a wonderful product you have”. Thanks

A. Schwiler 12/2001

“*I had a really bad bacteria problem with my feet. I tried all sorts of other products and even a prescription drug called clyndamicin. The prescription drug took over 5 months before I even showed a bit of improvement. I tried your product and I saw improvement in a little as one week. There are a lot of products out there advertising foot odor relief but most powders and sprays only take care of the problem as long as they are on your feet and they don’t stay on that long Odor Eraser worked for days with one application. I use the Odor Eraser cream at night after a shower and I don’t need to do anything else in the morning (after second shower to wash it off my feet) I am very happy with your product. I am so happy with your product that I believe more people should now about it. Thank you. Forever Grateful.”

ms D 12/16/2001

“*Thank you so much for your help. I plan to be a loyal customer for the rest of my life. You guys sure have a gold mine on your hands, because I have tried the best products on the market. I can’t say enough about your customer service either, you resolve things fast with such professionalism, and for that I am very grateful. Best Regard’s”

Maria 04/2003

“*Due to an accident, one of the owners of JMG Products is now an amputee. A month after having his prosthesis, he noticed a foul odor due to the natural build up of bacteria where the leg comes in contact with the prosthetic device. It bothered him so much that he would set the prosthesis across the room to get away from it. To his delight Odor Eraser completely eliminated this bothersome smell on his prosthesis. We are happy to have discovered a new useful, all-natural & safe solution for bothersome prosthetic odor!”

Judy G. (JMG Founder) 04/00

“*My room mate in college ordered Odor Eraser for his feet. It worked so well I decided to try Odor Eraser on my under arms, because even though I shower twice a day, I had horrible B.O of which the regular store bought products just didn’t work. I thought it was worth a shot and it really worked! THANKS!”

Roy, 04/00

“*Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!! My husband has suffered from foot odor most of his adult life. Your product is a miracle. He has tried everything from sprays to crèmes to thinking about amputation at the ankles to rid himself of the smell. Your product not only works, it works after the first application!!! No false promises here thanks a million.”

R. Prusia-Hall, 12/04/99

“*Now my wife can suck on my toes again. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!”

J & L Smith, 04/15/00

“*Your product is wonderful, my smelly feet are cured! I am recommending your product to others. Thanks!”

L. Schiff, 12/20/99

“*Every time I I took my shoes off the odor was so repugnant I couldn’t get around my girlfriend unless I washed my feet first! I tried all the other products on the market and felt it was pointless to try another, but Odor Eraser performed after the first application.”

Mike 05/2000

“*I was made fun of because my feet stunk so bad. I was so embarrassed to take my shoes off at anyone’s house that I didn’t stay overnight anywhere but now I can! I use Odor Eraser every Sunday evening and the smell is gone!”

Billy, age 8

*I’ve been using your product for almost two years now and out of the 6 jars I have 3 left. I use it on my feet and underarms about every 10-15 days, and it really works great keeping me smelling healthy. I will be a comeback customer when I open my last jar.

Michael 05/08/2003

“*I have been a below the knee amputee for 13 years. During those 13 years I have dealt with an ongoing problem, odor. I am active and walk up to five miles every morning, snow ski, kayak, rock climb and camp. During the summer when it is hot the odor coming from my prosthesis was so bad I found myself spraying perfume on my neoprene sleeve to mask the smell. I read about Odor Eraser in the Sept/Oct in Motion Magazine and ordered a jar. I can?t begin to tell you how impressed I am! You are right in that a little goes a long way. I no longer have any foul odor coming from my prosthesis. I can’t thank you enough.”

C Sanders, 11/06/00

“*This product is wonderful and definitely changed the life habits of my daughter who was plagued by Foot Odor.”

J. Kholmen 09-09-2002

“*The product worked great My son always had a problem with foot odor. After 2 weeks it was gone. His shoes don’t smell anymore. I’m so glad I found this product My son thanks you too. Two friends are planning to order to.”

J. Mayer 10/01/02

“*For years I had a fear of intimacy and athletics. After using odor eraser for only one week, I noticed significant improvements in overall smell and perspiration color. I would recommend this product to anyone who has lived with their odor for too long.”

Nick T. , 12/03/02 !

* Disclaimer – Results may vary from person to person.

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* Disclaimer – Results may vary from person to person.

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